2k Hotel

Address: Ladies Mile Road. Officers Hill Kohima   Reservation Line: +91-370-2243102

MORUNG 3000 Per Night

Beautifully, Traditionally built Naga hut. The 2K Morung built here on the terrace view of 2K Hotel was built by the Ao’s, one of the major tribes of Nagaland. The Ao and Angami Nagas are famous for their woodcrafts and are found mostly in kohima, the capital city of Nagaland.

Morung are the traditionally built Naga huts made of bamboo, thatch and cane. The Morung or the bachelor dormitory system was once an essential part of Naga life and culture.

As it is a symbol of pride of each village, in the Naga culture, 2K Morung is embellished with hunting trophies in front of the Morung. It is where the village’s sacred hunting trophies, daos (dao is a type of sword), spears, shields and bamboo weaved baskets of the village are kept for safekeeping.

Fine wood carvings at the doorway of ‘THEHOUBA” (a traditional place where decisions of war and peace are taken). It is also in the Morung where the boys learn the ancestral folk-songs and folk tales.

morung 1

2K Morung was built to let 2K guests explore and experience the typical lifestyle of Naga culture and tradition in true spirit.
Traditional style room with kitchen and earthen pot available for cooking.